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Boredom on a river cruise?

When comparing river cruise itineraries, I used to think that the more cities visited the better it was. Yes, it’s great to cover a lot of ground and see as much as you can, but there’s a lot to be said for having a break, relaxing and enjoying the scenery as you float down the river.

All ships have a top deck which magnetically attracts all to grab a comfortable chaise or chair, and enjoy

the views. You’ll see all the action of the river, with large and small boats plying the water. The scenery ranges from natural rock formations, steep vineyards to gorgeous homes, grandiose castles and an occasional decrepit building that has long been forgotten.

While on the top deck, you can enjoy the sunshine or tuck under the shaded area. Most ships have a pool or whirlpool for you to enjoy, weather permitting. There’s plenty of room to find a solitary spot to nap or read, or you can pull up a chair and visit with your fellow cruisers. Typically, the bartenders circle through taking drink orders. Some of my most memorable moments have been talking to other guests, learning about them and their countries’ idiosyncrasies. It always amazes me how people from other countries are so well informed about American history and politics!

If AC is more your style, there’s plenty of comfortable chairs in the lounge. The floor to ceiling windows keeps you abreast of the moving scenery. Along with the bar, you’ll have a coffee station and pastries at your fingertips.It’s common to have activities in the lounge on a cruise day. On my recent Douro River Cruise we enjoyed a cooking demonstration with the pastry chef one afternoon. Later that day the Sommelier demonstrated opening a vintage bottle of port. Some guests will play cards or cribbage in the lounge rather than spend their time on the top deck.Should you need more to do, there is always the masseuse available for a massage, the fitness center is there for you to work out or you can simply take a nap to re-charge your batteries.

Personally, I now find that a cruising day is something that I covet and try to pick an itinerary that has one. Though it truly depends on which river you are traveling on whether it's even possible.There are so many rivers and cruise lines that it can really get confusing. I’d love to help you pick out the river cruise that will suit you best. Give me a call and we can schedule an appointment to explore your options. Call Premier Travel today at 920-845-2600

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