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Mouthwatering journey through the heart of Amsterdam

I believe there is no better way to experience a city's culture than by taking a food tour. On my recent trip to Amsterdam, I joined a small group food tour where we explored off-the-beaten-path neighborhoods and enjoyed mouthwatering tastes of local specialties. Many of the shops we visited were family-owned and had been in business for many years. 

Our local guide shared the history and stories of the neighborhoods we strolled through, making the tour fun and memorable. She also shared personal stories of growing up in Amsterdam and described the food traditions of her own family.  

Here are some of the delicacies you need to try when you are in Amsterdam:

Poffertjes on a plate.

Poffertjes are small mini pancakes served fresh and warm with butter and powdered sugar. They are great for breakfast as well as a snack.

Butcher case with various meats in Amsterdam

When visiting a local butcher, we tasted a variety of sausages. Ossenworst is a raw beef sausage that was organically made with ox meat. 

Food market counter with various cheeses.

Gouda cheese is the local cheese of which the Dutch are very proud. They have a wide variety of ages and flavors. One that I found interesting had cumin seeds, which looked like our caraway cheese.

Kid standing before a counter at a fish market in Amsterdam.

The fish market had a wide variety of fresh fish and was a very busy place. We tried the pickled herring which was served with a pickle or chopped onions. 

Amsterdam cafe.

Amsterdam cafes are actually neighborhood bars. We sampled the local beer, Amstel, along with a seasonal craft beer. Our snack was a deep-fried meatball and a slice of apple pie. 

My recommendation would be booking a walking food tour early in your stay. It will give you a great introduction to the city, plus help you to navigate the area during your stay! 




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