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How to tip at an All Inclusive Resort

What can be more relaxing than unwinding at a beach resort where everything is included and ready for you to enjoy? Well, sometimes it’s uncomfortable not knowing who you should tip and how much. Some all-inclusive resorts include tipping, and discourage employees from accepting tips. It’s a way to ensure all guests are treated with the same level of service. That said, if your resort doesn’t include tipping here are some guidelines

Here’s a quick list:

$1 -$2 per bag – to the porter at the airport, bus driver, and bellman that takes you to your room. More if your bags are really heavy or excessive.

$5 - $10 to waiter when you sit down and order (not at buffets or quick service)

$5 - $10 for room service

$1 - ? for the bar tender and/or the waiter bringing you drinks on the beach. Some like to tip well early in the day and are taken care of all day.

$5 - $10 per night for your housekeeper

$2 - $5 Beach towel guy – not if they just hand you a towel. If he sets up your chair, brings towels or umbrella etc.

$5 or more - If you take a tour, typically you’ll tip the guide or staff at the end.

20% is customary for a spa service tip

These are just guidelines, you can follow what you see others doing or give what you feel like, for good service. Use your instincts if someone really goes above and beyond to make your day. We are very fortunate and it really feels good when we can share our gifts with others.

Call 920-845-2600 today if you are moved to escaping to an all-inclusive beach resort. I’ll help you wade through all of your options and pick the perfect resort for you.

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