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It’s our policy to offer travel insurance for every travel purchase that’s made in our office. If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me whether travel insurance is worth it or not, I’d be rich! There are times when I think it’s a really good idea and others when it may not be. My typical personal determining factor is – “If I had to cancel the trip and loose the money, am I OK with that?” When traveling internationally, I always take the insurance because I know medical expenses and the complications of being ill in a foreign country could be problematic, headaches that I’d like to avoid.

Today I’m going to share with you experiences from my clients who’ve had to use their travel insurance or didn’t have to use it but could have.

Trip cancellation – A client booked their Alaska Tour and Cruise 6 months in advance. Two days before they were to leave for Alaska, his elderly mother had a heart attack and was hospitalized. Because they had the travel insurance, they were able to make the best decision for them and not be worried about losing their money. In the end, they still went to Alaska as Mom was stable and insisted they still go. Their insurance would have covered them if they’d have had to interrupt their trip. Happily she recovered and is fine today.

Trip Interruption – Flights often get delayed, and it’s upsetting when you miss your connection. Last year a couple was on their way to Italy, where they were joining an escorted tour. They missed their international flight and did not arrive into Rome until the following day, after their group had already left and were on to their way. I was able to secure a driver for them upon their arrival into Rome, who drove them to meet up with their group. The travel insurance paid for their driver and reimbursed them for the missed day of their trip.

Medical Expenses – Most health insurance plans will not cover medical expenses out of network which usually is out of the country. A colleagues’ client had the misfortune to experience a stroke while sailing on a Baltic Cruise. She was airlifted off to a hospital and then transferred to another hospital. Her insurance covered all of the expenses, but more importantly orchestrated the whole process. Her husband was eternally grateful that he was able to just concentrate on helping her recover while the insurance company dealt with all of the details.

Those are just a few examples to consider the next time you’re asked if you wish to purchase the travel insurance. I’d be happy to help you understand the coverage to assist you in making the right decision for you.

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