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Navigating A Missed Connection or Canceled Flight

Unfortunately, sometimes travel doesn’t go exactly as planned - this can include a hitch in your flight plans due to missed connections or canceled flights. During the busy travel season, it’s a good idea to be as prepared as possible for the unexpected. With a busy summer of travel ahead, here are tips on navigating a missed connection or canceled flight.

What to do if you miss a connection or have a canceled flight?

  • Download the airline app onto your phone, prior to arriving at the airport, and enter your confirmation number. This way you’ll be kept up to date on schedule changes and/or gate changes while traveling.

  • Add the airline's telephone number to your contacts, in case you need to call them!

  • Take a photo or screenshot of the flight cancellation if you are eligible to file a claim with your travel insurance and need proof.

  • Have the driver or transfer company’s contact information handy to alert them of your delay. Nothing is worse than getting extra charges from car services needing to wait for you when you're already flustered from a flight disruption.

When you miss a connecting flight or a flight is canceled, the airline's first step in remedying the situation is to get you on the next available flight. In the event that your flight is delayed or canceled, there is sure to be a large rush of travelers heading to the counter to try to get first priority on switching, here are some options for making sure you get the best possible re-booking plan.

  • Stand in line at the airport counter to be rebooked.

  • If the line is long, call the airlines while standing in line, ensuring your confirmation number is handy.

  • Check the app and see if you can re-book yourself.

  • If you have the airline’s lounge access, you can rebook there! Head to the lounge and get re-booked (and grab those free snacks they hand out in there while you're at it!)

Oftentimes, when there is a major storm approaching, airlines will allow you to change your flight to get to your destination early. If your travel plans are flexible, I recommend heading out before the storm comes to ensure you make it to your vacation spot!

Did you know that if you have out-of-pocket expenses incurred due to an airline's change of flight, you can save your receipts and file a claim with your travel insurance? They do require proof to file the claim, so don't lose those receipts!

Lastly, and most importantly, remember that travel is an adventure, and sometimes no matter how much you plan, things out of your control can still go wrong. Give yourself grace, give the airlines grace, and keep holding on to the fact that you will make it to your destination eventually. Traveling to your final destination is an adventure and experience in itself!

Let our team help plan your next trip to be as prepared as possible for both the expected and unexpected. You can contact Premier Travel today with your travel plans and questions, we’re here to help!



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