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Jamaica, is it right for you?

The island of Jamaica is mountainous with soft white sand beaches

and gorgeous Caribbean Sea views.

The Jamaican people are friendly, outgoing and will certainly

make your vacation enjoyable and memorable.

There are three main resort areas, each with their own distinct feel.

You'll arrive at the Montego Bay airport and can stay nearby.

There are many activities in the Montego Bay area including nightlife

on the “Hip Strip” if you're so inclined.

Ocho Rios is just an hour's ride east and is mountainous.

A tropical jungle with green plants and flowers wherever you look.

Adventurous activities abound here.

Negril is just a 90 minute ride west of Montego Bay's airport.

Negril is known for it's 7 Mile Beach with watersports and sunsets galore.

Each area, and the developments in between, have a wide variety of resorts.

Adult only resorts or family friendly you'll find a wide variety of each.

Right now in order to travel to Jamaica you'll need to have a negative Covid test within 5 days of traveling to enter Jamaica. On your return to the US a negative Covid test within 3 days of travel is required.

Many resorts are making it easy by having medical staff provide tests right at resort.

Like all destinations who rely on tourism for their economy, they are practicing strict protocols to keep everyone healthy while vacationing safely and enjoyably

The restrictions and travel policies are changing daily.

We are keeping up with all of the details so you don't have to.



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