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Is a River Cruise right for me?

Everyone is talking about river cruising and the advertising looks appealing, but is it really the right choice for you? Some things to consider:

Size - Most ships are the same size, because they need to fit in the locks and also be able to sail under bridges. Typically, they are 442 feet long by 38 feet wide with 3 decks and a top observation deck. Depending on the cruise line they range between 106 to 190 passengers and 47 to 92 crew members.

The benefit of being small and intimate is the relaxing environment. It feels more like a moving hotel with the freedom to get off or stay on at your leisure. Lines are virtually non-existent, there’s always plenty of space to relax enjoy the scenery and if you’re social you can get to know your fellow travelers very easily.

Inclusive – All of your meals and snacks, wine and beer with lunch and dinner, tours with local guides at every stop and local evening entertainment are included with most every cruise line. Some cruise lines include airport transfers, unlimited liquor, bike tours, gratuities, free Wi-Fi and even a butler.

It’s comforting to know that everything’s been paid for and the only money that you’ll spend is on shopping or the extra things you want to do. No unexpected surprises.

Effortless -Your ship really feels like your floating hotel. Every morning you awake to a different city and it’s your choice to take a guided tour or explore on your own. You’re within walking distance so you can return early or choose to stay until it’s time to sail. Everyone on your ship speaks English which can be comforting if you’re in a region where English isn’t widely spoken, especially after a long day!

If you like the idea of having everything taken care of for you but still want the independence to choose how you spend your time, a river cruise might be perfect for you.

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