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Feedback from during Covid vacationers

One month ago, the CDC ordered all air passengers entering the United States to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test.

We’ve had dozens of couples and families travel since January 26, and here is a summary of the feedback they’ve shared with us:

  • 100% of our clients have tested negative

    • “Covid testing went smooth. We made our appointment and received our results within 1.5hours.”

    • In the event of a positive result, resorts Premier Travel decides to partner with allow you to stay up to 14 additional days at no extra resort charge (meals included).

  • Resorts are 20-30% occupied - talk about having the beach or pool to yourself!

    • Elle traveled to Los Cabos with her husband in November - she came back saying “it felt like we were in our own pampered, luxurious bubble.” Despite her traveling, over 3 months ago this statement remains true today for travelers.

Here's a picture of Elle and her husband Mike scuba diving in Los Cabos. Isn't the water gorgeous??

  • Cleaning routines & wearing masks

    • Rooms were “cleaned spotless daily”

    • “Masks required in public areas, at the buffet, and any public transportation, made me feel much safer”

  • Swim-up bars, restaurants, and pools still open!

    • Yes, buffets are still open and still delicious! Resort staff members are serving you items you point out from the buffet.

  • On-site entertainment

    • “Wow” has been the most used comment regarding the entertainment on site. We are repeatedly hearing how the resort staff has gone above and beyond.

  • Tours and excursions off the resort are still running

    • Not all tours may be available due to limited capacity and scheduling

Overall impression: To say we had a great time is an understatement”

It may be cabin-fever setting in… but hearing all of this positive feedback makes me want to jump on a plane right now!

As your trusted travel advisors, we are here for you no matter what your decision to travel is – even while you are traveling.

If you wish to explore your options for a last-minute getaway call 920-845-2600 today!



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