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5 Travel Trends for 2023

At the beginning of every new year, I always look forward to reading the expert's trend predictions and forecasts for the new year. It’s exciting and interesting to see how close they are to predict what the new year will bring. After reading many travel article trend predictions, these are the trends that I am most looking forward to seeing in 2023.

Immersive Itineraries

Instead of doing a highlight tour and only seeing the most frequently visited sights of many cities, this trend is all about longer stays in one location. A longer visit allows the traveler to have a deeper and more meaningful experience by becoming familiar with the less touristy and more authentic sights.

Multi-Generational Travel

Now more than ever, we are prioritizing our most valued relationship - our family. There’s no better way to spend time with our loved ones and share life-enhancing experiences than by traveling together. Multi-generational trips can range anywhere from large family reunions, to a granddaughter and grandmother getaway.

Culinary Travel

Food experiences from dining to learning the culture via its food are on the rise. Some travelers now choose their destination based on what type of food they will encounter! With access to food reviews online, it’s easy to build an itinerary that takes you from restaurant to restaurant around a city. While your destination is the food, you will get to know your destination well in between meals on the way to the next restaurant!

Wellness Travel

Health and wellness are always on everyone’s New Year’s resolutions list. Many travelers are incorporating wellness into their travel plans. Wellness can look like spa retreats, physically active excursions, or itineraries built around a variety of physical workouts. With the need to prioritize health and movement on vacation, we will continue to see an increase in focus on wellness activities and options at many destinations.

Sustainable Travel

Leaving the destination you visit better than you found is always important. As the importance of this message spreads, more travelers are becoming more aware of traveling respectfully and sustainably. From leaving your environment picked up and tidy to honoring the local cultures, there are many ways to travel more sustainably. Crowds and over-tourism are less desirable to most visitors, so when visiting less crowded destinations - be sure to do your part in being a good visitor so travelers can enjoy these destinations for years to come.

Which of these trends speaks to your travel interests? I can say that they all appeal to me and I would love to try and incorporate them all into one single trip!


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