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5 Things to Know about Denali Park


Denali National Park is Alaska's top attraction and for good reason. The view of the peak is magnificent and it's not always easy to get a glimpse of it.

The park is over six million acres in size, larger than the state of New Hampshire.

That's a lot of ground to cover so here's a list of 5 tips to help you enjoy Denali.

1. Formerly known as Mount McKinley. In the Athabaskan language, Denali means The High One. It's the highest mountain peak in North America and the third highest peak on earth. Due to cloudy skies in summer, the peak is only visible 20 percent of the time.

2. A must-stop is the Visitor's Center at the eastern end of the park. It has an information desk, general store, bookshop, and restaurant. Nearly 400,000 travelers visit Denali every year between April and September.

3. There is only one road into Denali Park. Taking a park-operated tour bus is the only way to get deep into the park. They use old school buses and the driver/guide narrates as they drive.

The Tundra Wilderness Tour takes around 5.5 hours and turns around at mile 43, the East Fork River. The Natural History Tour goes to mile 25 and turns around at Teklanika Flats.

4. Bring a set of binoculars with you. The tour buses stay on the road and frequently you'll see animals in the distance. The wild animals have 6 million acres and they don't always hang out along the road.

5. The Denali Park Village hotels and restaurants are along the highway and it's easy to walk around. There are also plenty of gift shops to explore. You might want to sit on your deck with a glass of wine and just take in the magnificence. You could get active with white water rafting, a dog sled kennel tour, or try an ATV tour. The choice is yours.

Visiting Denali is a must-do on your trip to Alaska. You'll come home with cherished memories and a camera full of gorgeous photos.

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