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Not all river cruises are created equal

All river cruise lines provide amazing experiences and are vastly different from an ocean cruise. Think floating boutique hotel.

River cruising is one of the fastest growing type of travel. It’s hard to miss the magnificent scenery that’s gracing the advertising whether TV or in magazines.

River cruising is really an easy and enjoyable way to immerse yourself in a specific region. Everyone I know who’s cruised, started picking their next river, while on board or shortly after returning home.

While all of the lines look perfect when you see their advertising, there indeed are some differences among them.

Let’s start out by looking at their similarities.

Size – On the major rivers each line is limited to ships that are the same size, due to the size of the locks that they transit.

Meals – All meals are included and it’s open seating, so you get to pick whom you sit with.

Wine and Beer with Lunch and Dinner – featuring locally sourced wines and beers

Excursions – a walking tour with a local guide

The differences vary greatly between the lines, here are a few noteworthy ones.

Number of cabins – more cabins = more guests and less room for public lounges and seating in the dining room

Size of cabin - there are small cabins where you basically sleep and shower - to a spacious cabin with your own balcony and a sitting area where you can enjoy the views privately.

Inclusions – All drinks, tipping, in-room mini bar, airport transfers and laundry are other factors that may be included on some lines

Tour options – some lines offer more than 1 in each city, have tours on bike, for gentle walkers or even late risers. A select few offer private after-hours tours of popular attractions.

Those are just a few things you need to consider when you’re deciding on which line to choose. Surprisingly, the pricing doesn’t always equate to the level of service or inclusions. Let us help you explore your options and find something that will be perfect for you.

Call 920-845-2600 today to schedule a complimentary “getting to know you” consultation, where together we determine your travel style and what’s truly important to you.

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