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What's Hot in Iceland Part 2

With the popularity of Iceland, it's a really good idea to start your planning early. You'll have better choices for hotels and tours, plus you will get the best pricing. Often traveling on shoulder season will save you money and it won't be as crosded. Ultimately, you do need to go in the season that will fulfill your bucket list experiences. I can help you decide the best time to travel for the experiences you want to have.

Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) - This is on the top of my list! There are limited times and places that have the best viewing, Thingvellir is by far the finest area to see the lights! You'll want to check the weather so that you have at least partially clear and dark skies for the evening you plan to view. Thingvellir is a national park as well as a historic site, it doubles as a great tourist selection for a rare vision of the famous Norther Lights and will help you gain some insight to the history of the land.

Reynisfjara Beach - This beach is gorgeous and an absolute must-see! With its rare black sand and basalt columns, there is much to explore on this volcanic shoreline. The black sand is lava that cooled once it hit water making the sand more like small stones than actual sand. White and red sand beaches (Westfjords) also exist in Iceland. While on Reynisfjara, you can se Gardar, which is a basalt cliff that resembles a staircase to heaven. This natural pyramid was formed by columnar and a beautiful sight to see!

Party in Reykjavik - With all of the exercise you'll get from exploring, you'll need to take it easy too! This small town has the best party spots in Iceland, hands down! There are multiple bars and restaurants to choose from and none of the businesses charge a cover. Friendly people, great music and drinks, what more could you ask for?

Seljavallalaug - This natural pool is one of the oldest in iceland and you will surely have a memorable experince while visiting. The water is not that hot because it is filled by a nearby hot spring but due to the temperatures in Iceland the water stays nice and cool.

Holuhraun - Located in the Highlands of Iceland, Holuhraun is a fairly new site you can visit. You will need a 4WD vehicle to reach the landscape, and be sure you get a high-quality vehicle that is equipped to travel on this unique terrain. Holuhraun is the newest formed lava flow from a volcano that erupted between August 2014 and February 2015. When peering into the rifts of the lava you will see many beautifully vivid colors. Steam can even be seen in certain areas while driving along the sand! Be careful to stay on the marked pats and wear gloves when handling any lava rocks, but make sure you check out this geological wonder!

Since we've piqued your interest in amazing Iceland give us a call at 920-845-2600 to set up an appointment and we'll find the best way for you to explore Iceland!

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