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In travel, there are many opportunities to choose to upgrade or select a luxury product. If it’s something you’ve never done or are unfamiliar with, you often wonder….will the price difference be worth the extra cost? Recently, I purposely selected a luxury cruise in Alaska, to compare it to the other mainstream cruises that I’ve sailed on in the past. It was tough work, but a task I’m willing to endure for the benefit of my clients!

A cruise has specific things, but many of the differentiations can be used when comparing resorts or tour companies as well.

Size of ship and amount of guests on board vary between lines, the luxury lines having fewer passengers and more staff to serve them. That equates to faster service and less lines. The ship I sailed on had 700 guests compared to the average ship with 2,100 guests. It was wonderful to never have to stand in line - for meals, elevators or getting on and off the ship. Everything was fast and easy.

Choices were plentiful with very few limits. The dining room was open and when you arrived you were seated, with your choice of table size. It was easy to sit with new friends or dine alone, just the two of us. There wasn’t a fee to dine at the specialty restaurants and the 24 hour room service allows you to order anything from the restaurant menus.

Inclusions is where I noticed the biggest difference. On this ship everything was included, with the exception of the spa, casino or shopping. All of the drinks, gratuities and the shore excursions were included, allowing . There was a complimentary self-service laundry on board which made it convenient to pack lightly. A naturalist was on board and gave a delightful daily presentation about our upcoming stop. Having free

Wi-Fi was probably the most appreciated inclusion, making it easy to stay in touch while away.

There are many cruise lines to choose from - the contemporary, premium and luxury lines. Add to that the adventure lines that immerse you in a totally unique experience. I can help you determine what will be the perfect one for you, while offering you comparisons, to make the best decision for you. Why not give us a call so we can discuss the possibilities?

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