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What’s your passport IQ?

You’ve been planning your vacation for quite some time. Your bags are packed and you’re headed to the airport. Yes; your passport is in your carry on and you are good to go, or are you? Recently I’ve been hearing horror stories of travelers being denied boarding or not allowed into a country due to issues with their passports. This is not something that I want anyone to experience, so here are a few things to be aware of.

Expiration Date:

Your expiration date must be six months beyond your return travel date, for most countries to allow you into that country. The rule is in place in order to ensure a visitor who unexpectedly needs to stay longer than originally planned, still has a valid passport to leave the country.


It must be in perfect condition- water damage, frayed edges, ripped pages or damaged covers are all reasons for authorities suspect tampering. They can deny you boarding the aircraft or entrance into a country. Recently I heard about a dog chewing on the corner of a passport and causing the traveler to miss part of their trip, due to having to get an emergency passport replacement. That’s not the way I want to start off my vacation. It’s also not recommended to carry your passport in your jeans pocket, which can cause it to curl and be suspect.

Empty Pages:

Some countries require between two and four blank pages in your passport for visas before you enter the country. For example, South Africa requires two blank pages. You can check if the country you're visiting requires blank page and if so, how many on the State Department's website.

Checking your passport and perhaps having to renew it are best done far in advance. It’s easier to avoid the stress of hoping to get it back, before you leave for your trip. That way you can relax and concentrate on enjoying your vacation, stress free.

Call today if you’re ready to use your passport. We’d love to help!

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